Problems with Groovy file detection in SonarQube

Hello everyone,

I am having a problem with Groovy file detection in SonarQube. I have installed the Groovy plugin available in the SonarQube Plugins Index, and configured my project to detect the Groovy programming language.

However, when I perform the analysis of the project, SonarQube only detects and analyzes the Java files, completely ignoring the .groovy files. I would like to know if any additional configuration needs to be added to the project or if there are any extra steps I need to follow in order for the Groovy files to be detected correctly.

I appreciate any help or suggestions you can provide.


I assume you’re using this plugin, correct?

Unfortunately, this plugin is not actively maintained and lacks support for the “Analyzers loading optimization” feature present in the newer SonarQube releases due to an issue with the language key (it declares a language “grvy” but the property is called “sonar.groovy.file.suffixes”).

It appears that some people here have had success by adding <sonar.lang.patterns.grvy>**/*.groovy</sonar.lang.patterns.grvy>.

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