Problem with CI AzureDevOps


I need a new help.

I trying configure Azure Pipeline, but it is returning the attach error.
I’m sending too sonar.log because writed various logs.
sonar.log.txt (624.6 KB)

Looks like your agent’s service account is not authenticating with your network’s proxy. You may need to talk to your infra team to allow direct traffic to your sonarqube or resolve the authentication issue.

Try using a power shell script with the an invoke-webrequest pointing to your sonarqube to help debug the issue.


This case is very strange because my SonarQube is in the same Server that my agent.
I configured my SonarQube Server Endpoint with IP and try too Loopback (localHost or, but nothing work. At moment I’m using the server ip adrress.


Hello guys,

The problem was solved. We see than FW receiveded request of the server and the request was for him.
The solution at moment was remove restriction to this connection, but the best solution is configure the server to don’t send request to FW.

Thanks, bye