SonarQube Azure DevOps Prepare analysis not working

Hi there,
I’m posting here since I’m note sure who would be the “owner” of the issue.

After created a new Azure DevOps and configuring a pipeline. We added the SonarQube extention from the market like we usually do.

We configured the Sonarqube user token as we usually do on several other instances (that are already working)

However this particular time it seems to cause issue.

After debugging the SonarQube instance web log and the Azure DevOps diagnostics build log we came to the conclusion there seems to be a problem the way the SonarQube Endpoint connections are saved.

Bellow are the comparison of a WORKING instance vs the one causing problem, you’ll notice the token aren’t supplied the same way. And we confirmed this by checking SonarQube log. Indeed the token being sent to SonarQube isn’t right.

The token password is set in the username and password, which makes the plugin fail.

see diagnostic info here:

WORKING on an instance.


##[debug]5a5cee75-6cfb-4031-a243-11c30f60de01 auth param apitoken = null

##[debug]5a5cee75-6cfb-4031-a243-11c30f60de01 auth param username = ***

##[debug]5a5cee75-6cfb-4031-a243-11c30f60de01 auth param password = null


##[debug]set SONARQUBE_SCANNER_PARAMS={“”:"",“sonar.login”:,“sonar.projectKey”:“xxxx”,“sonar.projectName”:“xxx”,“sonar.projectVersion”:“xxxx”,“sonar.cs.vscoveragexml.reportsPaths”:"/.coveragexml",“sonar.verbose”:“true”}

SonarQube Log:

2019.02.13 19:06:39 DEBUG web[AWimBLaGLXxXug61ABoe][auth.event] login failure [cause|No active user for login][method| BASIC ][provider|LOCAL|local][IP||][login| 3ccXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ] (Actual token as been modified for the purpose of this post)

and Failing on a fresh new project with a newly installed plugin:


##[debug]2eb1a840-172d-477b-91b6-36c23c0e1bab auth param apitoken = null

##[debug]2eb1a840-172d-477b-91b6-36c23c0e1bab auth param username = ***

##[debug]2eb1a840-172d-477b-91b6-36c23c0e1bab auth param password = ***



SonarQube Log

2019.02.13 19:09:02 DEBUG web[AWimBLaGLXxXug61ABog][auth.event] login success [method| BASIC_TOKEN ][provider|LOCAL|local][IP||][login| tokenloginname ] (Actual login name has been change for the purpose of this log)

Recreating the build seems to have solved it.
Unfortunately, there doesn’t to be a logical reason why.

FYI, the extension was removed. Build was set back as it was without the steps.
Extension was re-added and steps were created again.