SonarQube analysis with maven on azure devops is broken due to an authentication issue

  • versions used SonarCloud azure devops plugin v1.27.0
  • error observed
    You’re not authorized to run analysis. No sonar.login or SONAR_TOKEN env variable was set
  • Run a build in azure devops with a SonarCloudPrepare step and a maven build with a parameter sonarQubeRunAnalysis: true
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Hi @NightFox7

Thank you for reporting this.

I confirm we noticed the regression internally as well. We’re working on a fix that will be deployed ASAP.


Hi. We are experiencing issues on Azure DevOps that started when a new version of the Sonarcloud plugin was released. In our case we are seeing:

/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/urllib3/ InsecureRequestWarning: Unverified HTTPS request is being made to host ''. Adding certificate verification is strongly advised. See:
ERROR: 401 - 

It would be good to update the

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Hi there,

A new version has been deployed just after this one and will fix that issue (you should see 1.23.1 as the prepare analysis configuration task version, might take some time to spread out).

Sorry for the inconvenience here.



We just ran into this issue - good to know that it is already fixed :slight_smile:.

I confirm that it is now resolved. Thank you for the quick fix.

Hi @mickaelcaro

Could you please let us know How much time it will take to spread out the version? we are still getting 1.23.0 version.

Hi @hemanth5222

Unfortunately i don’t master this so i don’t have any information to give you.

If you can, switching to another vmImage (if you are using Microsoft Hosted agent) can help.


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Hi @mickaelcaro ,

I tried to change to windows and ubuntu different versions but its still downloading the same version, is there any way we can force to download the latest version?

At first can you can in Organization Settings → Extensions, Click on SonarCloud, make sure that 1.27.1 has been installed ?

Yeah its 1.27.1 version.

Installed version

1.27.1 (Latest)

Hi @mickaelcaro ,

Now we are able to get the latest version, Thank you for the fix.

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