AZURE pipeline error when adding Prepare Analysis SonarQube plugin

#[error][SQ] API GET ‘/api/server/version’ failed, error was: {“code”:“ECONNREFUSED”,“errno”:“ECONNREFUSED”,“syscall”:“connect”,“address”:“”,“port”:80}

We are getting this error after adding the Prepare Analysis SonarQube plugin to a pipeline,
Any information would be appreciated on resolutions.

Hello brent, welcome to the SonarSource Community!

The error indicates Azure (specifically the agent running the pipeline) is unable to contact your SonarQube server at

Typical things to check:

  • is SonarQube up?
  • is that the right address? If you browse to with a browser do you get a response and are you able to log into the SonarQube UI? Why are you using an IP address and not a hostname?
  • any firewall/proxy type considerations getting in the way?