Preview mode commenting on GitHub deletes comments


(Thomas Jones-Low) #1

We’re using Sonarqube version 6.7.4 (build 38452) , sonarqube-gradle-plugin, version 2.6, and GitHub Enterprise 2.14.4. We have the Gradle task configured in preview mode to comment on our PRs so developers are aware of issues in their code and block the merges until these issues are fixed.

The sequence of events seems to be:

The SonarQube user (“Bob”) commented on the Pull Request with specific issue in the change. This is normal.

The developer and reviewer both replied to the comment, having a discussion about if “Bob”/SonarQube was correct and how it was to be fixed.

The developer pushed a new commit, addressing the issue in the comment to the same PR. This caused the Sonarqube job to run again and comment on the PR.

It also, apparently, causes the original comment to be deleted. This in turn also deletes any replies to the same comment.

The question here is, why does the SonarQube preview mode process delete the comments, even if they have replies not created by the sonarqube user (“bob”)?