Sonar deletes Sonar comments in a PR in Azure DevOps

SonarQube is correctly raising issues and highlighting them as comments in our PR.

However, if you resolve a Sonar comment and then push anything to branch, Sonar will run again, and delete the original Sonar comment (leaving our comment reply without the parent comment originally created by Sonar), see here:

Is there a way to prevent SonarQube from deleting the original comment that SonarQube generated?

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Welcome to the community!

It’s working as designed, and there’s not a way to change the behavior. We never imagined anyone would want to have a ‘conversation’ with the bot. Essentially, we were trying to clean up after ourselves to not clutter the interface for when real people showed up and started to do their reviews.

And you’re not the first person to make this complaint in recent memory. I’m going to flag this for internal attention, but you shouldn’t expect change any time soon.