PR Decoration Instructions for Developer Edition 8.7 Incorrect

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I have successfully set up ALM Integration with our Bitbucket server, and I am getting a success note for the config.

These instructions suggest we need to update settings for each project in “Project Settings > General Settings > Pull Request Decoration.” I cannot find a Project Settings option on existing projects to add the necessary configurations.

Hi @adfickley , welcome to the Community!

You should see the “Project Settings” button on your project dashboard page (top-right corner) only if you have administration permission for that project, as seen below:

Version 8.7 is now unsupported: you should upgrade to 8.9 LTS as soon as possible. In your version, it is possible that this button is instead called “Administration”.

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Thanks for the response Daniel - appreciate the reply. I am an admin for the entire Sonarqube instance here, and I can’t seem to find anywhere that I need to enable the administration permission for the project. Is there somewhere where we need to toggle that project admin function on?

Otherwise, we’ll work to upgrade to the 8.9 LTS asap, and that may resolve things.

Hi @adfickley ,

Version 8.7 of SonarQube is not supported anymore. Please upgrade to 8.9 LTS which is our only supported version at the moment.

It’s perfectly possible to be an administrator for the platform globally, but still not be granted administration permissions at the project level. Check what the default Permission Template is for your projects under Administration → Security → Permission Templates and make sure it grants Project Administration rights to your administrator’s user group.

If it doesn’t, and if you have no one in your organisation with administration rights to that project, it is possible that you have accidentally removed the “Administer” permission at this project for every and all users/groups. In that case, you would need to either recreate the project or use the POST api/permissions/apply_template method to programatically set the right Permission Template to this project.

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