Users with Project -> Administer permission unable to configure PR Decoration settings

Sonar was upgraded on Saturday from 7.9 to 8.2. Project admins then tried to configure PR decoration in their projects and are getting an ‘Insufficient Privileges’ error. I have verified that they are in a group that grants ‘Administer’ permissions on the project.

Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance!


on execution of which WebAPI is the ‘Insufficient Privileges’ error triggered?
Can you check that with Developer Tools of your browser and post it here?



which, when I go to the api doc says ‘Create Projects’ is required. This seems broken to me, as I would want my project admins to be able to configure any setting in a project. And why ‘list’ would be a higher privilege is beyond me.

No one has clarity on this? Is this a bug or is there a reason listing the possible ALM settings required ‘Create Projects’ permission?

Hey there – I can reproduce this and I’ve reported this internally. Hold tight!

Thanks Colin!

Hey there.

Bug confirmed! SONAR-13320 will be fixed in SonarQube v8.3, scheduled for release this week.

Thanks a ton for the feedback.