PR decoration for different languages


We have a Client/Server application, where the server is built using .NET Core and the client is built in Angular 7. We are using Sonarqube to analyse both parts, we are using the MSBuild scanner for .NET Core analysis and SonarScanner for Typescript analysis. We have created two projects in Sonarqube, as it did not seem possible to perform different analysis using the same project.

As part of our CI process we use build containers to perform the analysis, where a different container is used for each analysis. We have then integrated Sonarqube with GitHub to make use of the Pull Request decoration.

All of the analysis works correctly and the PR integration is working, however if issues are found in the Client analysis and the Server analysis, the Client analysis is overwritten, because the Server analysis completes later. This means that we lose all of the comments and the developers have to manually login to Sonarqube to see if there were any errors.

I would like to know if we have implemented Sonarqube correctly, it would be nice to be able to have a single project which contains both analysis in one place, however we are unsure if this is even possible. If this is not possible we would like to get the PR decoration working for both analysis.

If someone can provide some guidance around our issue as we feel we are not gaining much value without the PR decoration.


Yeah… that’s just the way it works. To get a different outcome, you’ll need to analyze both halves together. You can do that if your .NET project references (<Content Include="src\**\*.ts" />) your typescript files.

If you don’t want to do that, then your best bet is to break this into two separate projects in SonarQube, one for the typescript files and one for the … C#(?) files.