Portfolios configured with a branch fail to select branch

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When a portfolio is configured to use a branch, any project that has failed it’s quality gate is shown under the Releasability section of the portfolio dashboard, and the links fail to take you to the failed branch and always shows the master branch.

The summary link however does take you to all the failed projects


I’m not able to reproduce. When I click on the link highlighted in red, it’s taking me to the second screenshot, when I can open each branch. The link highlighted in blue takes me to the main branch of the project, but IMO that’s expected.

Could you post same screenshots showing the issue?

but IMO that’s expected.

Not so sure this is expected the Portfolio is configured specifically against a particular branch, therefore I would expect all links to be related to the configured branch, not mix and match, the red highlight takes you to a list of failed projects for the branch configured as expected, so I would expect the individual project links to take you directly to the configured branch of the project, not the master.

This is the Portfolio configuration showing the configured branch

and this is is a combined image showing the issues, where after clicking the blue highlight requires you to reselect the required branch

I believe the the blue link url should contain the branch name eg