Plugin for Peoplesoft

Hi Team,

I have gone through the development process. We are trying to implement this for Peoplesoft. The thing over here is Peoplesoft has Java, SQL, PL/SQL and Peoplecode in it. I would like to know few thinga

  1. When doing plugin development for checking rules how do we integrate all these Java, SQL, PL/SQL and Peoplecode together at one go. As in peoplesoft we have objects which have SQL and well as Peoplecode together in same code or Java and peoplecode in same cose.

  2. As per the document, i understand that parser has to be created by us. Do we have already existing parser that could be used and only rules created by us as this language is not supported by the same.

Sai Krishna

Hi Sai,

Welcome to the community!

There are some plugins that offer rules for multiple languages. This is the first one that springs to mind. Since it’s open source, you might be able to use it as a guide.

That’s actually kinda a different question: How to parse one file for multiple languages. In fact, there are multiple analyzers that do that too. The HTML analyzer can analyze code in other language files so it might be helpful.

Only for languages you don’t already have a parser for. For instance, the built-in Java analyzer supports custom rules on top of its analyzer. However for other languages you will need to build a parser.

When you’re ready to start development, feel free to come back and open new threads with specific development questions.

BTW, it’s generally best to keep it to one question per thread. I’ve tried to answer everything here because a) you didn’t realize how many topics this actually broke down into and b) it seems reasonable to ask these getting-started questions together. That said, if you need to follow up on these topics, I may ask you to split one or more off into separate threads.