Permissions for creating new project from GitHub

I’m trying to setup a new GitHub project on On it shows the organization but says “No repositories found for this organization” and when I hover over the organization is says “You don’t have permission to create projects in this organization”

When it says I don’t have permission to create projects in this organization, I’m assuming it’s referring to SonarCloud projects? I wouldn’t expect it to be creating a new GitHub project. But then my next question is what permissions am I missing?

I don’t have many permissions on the GitHub organization, but believe I have full permissions on the GitHub project. Shouldn’t that be enough to setup SonarCloud for a project? Why is anything else needed? In fact, I see SonarCloud as an installed application on my GitHub project, so it’s frustrating that’s not enough

Hi Ben and welcome to the community!

Do you have admin rights in sonarcloud?
This post may be useful to you: Unable to add a project to sonarcloud

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Thank you for clarifying what the error message meant. That was it!

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