Partial test coverage

Sonarqube test coverage report says that my c++ statement are only partially covered. Example of a very simplified function containing such statements is as below:

std::string test(int num) {
	return "abc";

My test as follow:

TEST(TestFunc, Equal) {
    std::string res = test(0);
    EXPECT_EQ (res, "abc");

Sonarqube coverage report says that the return stmt is only partially covered by tests (1 of 2 conditions). I am wondering what is other condition that i need to test for?

I also saw the following in the report:

Condition to cover: 2
Uncovered Condition: 1
Condition Coverage: 50%

It seems like i need a test to cover the other condition but i cant figure out what that is.

Hi @joonhwa,

SonarQube just imports the report, it is out of its control. I would suggest you to open the report and verify manually and do some investigations outside of SonarQube.