Organization not available in the options to analyze monorepo projects

We have been using Sonarcloud to analyse many of our repositories in Bitbucket cloud. One of the repositories is infact a monorepo containing multiple projects within it. But only one of the projects is currently being analysed. My goal is to perform sonar analysis on multiple projects from the said repository and have the results displayed on bitbucket pull requests via decoration.

However, I am unable to setup monorepo projects in sonarcloud. On the " Analyze monorepo projects" page, under the “Organization” dropdown, my organization doesnt get displayed. We only have one organization configured in Sonarcloud, under which all our projects are created. If I try to create a project manually via the " Analyze projects" page, I do see my organization and can successfully create a standard project.

Another related followup question: Is there any configuration changes required in Bitbucket cloud for as part of monorepo setup?
In Bitbucket Repository settings → Sonarcloud settings page, it says “To display the quality of your repository, you have to link it with a project analyzed on SonarCloud.” The only setting is to link a single Sonarcloud project to the repository. What is the expected setting in case of monorepo projects?

We have been using jenkins to perform sonar analysis and submit it to Sonarcloud. We intend to continue using the existing CI pipeline to submit multiple project sonar analysis using different unique project keys, as per monorepo requirements.

That’s pretty odd, as the same API call is being made in backend exactly one time to see what organizations you have access to, whether you’re provisioning from the wizard, provisioning a monorepo, or provisioning manually.

  • Does it work if you start typing in the name of your organization?
  • Does the issue persist across browsers?

When binding a repo to multiple Sonarcloud projects, this will all be taken care of for you on the Bitbucket side. It looks like below!

No luck with a different browser (safari) either.

Although, I did notice that the organization isnt bound with bitbucket. Instead, it seems like all the existing Sonarcloud projects were created manually. Is it a requirement for monorepo setup to have the organization be bound?

Is there a workaround to setup monorepo using an unbound organization? If not, could you please highlight the impact on the existing projects if we go ahead and “bind” the existing organization?