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I have a monorepo setup in BitBucket Cloud but only one of the project shows up on the status page. In Bitbucket. What do I need to do to list all of the 50+ projects in my monorepo on bitbucket?

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In the context of a pull request, I have no problem seeing two projects I have configured as a monorepo that have both had builds after that pull request was raised.

Are you looking at a pull request overview? Are your projects configured as monorepos on SonarCloud’s side?

Hi Colin. I believe they are configured to be monorepos but I don’t know how to verify that?

We don’t use bitbucket pipelines as the product cant do what we need it to. Instead i’m trying to use the Bitbucket SonarCloud Plugin. I am not able to link the repo to more than one project on Bitbucket side:

You can check:


If you have bound projects as opposed to unbound projects, you shouldn’t have to create any manual link at all.

With unbound projects, you won’t be able to have both projects displayed. I have a feeling this is what you’re running into.

If that’s the case, you’ll need to delete the projects and reprovision (as a monorepo) from the SonarCloud UI

Hi. Yeah that is correct. I can see that the setup isn’t done correctly. Unfortunately it looks like bound projects aren’t supported for our use case as we use Jenkins rather than Bitbucket CI.

It also looks like from the documentation that bound projects don’t play well with monorepos.

Hey there.

Jenkins vs. BitBucket Pipelines shouldn’t matter here – it’s just about creating the project through the UI (selecting the specific repositories you want and provisioning them as a monorepo). This can be done no matter what CI you’re using.

Okay I see. I’ve asked my team and been told deleting my existing projects won’t be an option as we need the history for our board reporting. Can I add a feature request to enable the conversation of existing projects into one monorepo?

Just to clarify: are you suggesting binding existing projects (that were unbound), or converting already bound projects into a monorepo?

I’m suggesting binding existing projects (that were unbound) into a monorepo

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