One (sub)project contains Java source files that are not compiled, multiple modules

Template for a good bug report:
SonarQube Server v6.7.4, SonarQubeScanner v2.4

While running Sonar through Jenkins job “Execute Sonarqube server” step we are getting next error:
Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: One (sub)project contains Java source files that are not compiled.
11:40:54 at org.sonar.plugins.findbugs.FindbugsConfiguration.getFindbugsProject(
11:40:54 at org.sonar.plugins.findbugs.FindbugsExecutor.execute(
11:40:54 … 36 more

After updating “” with paths of all modules we may solve the issue.
But problem is that we have multiple modules and in property we can not use wild cards(from documentation it should be commas).
Such way is inconvenient and also if we will add more modules - Sonar will fail and we will need each time manually update the settings.

Is there any other solution for this?
What if we will not build the binaries and want to run Sonar only on source files?