SonarScanner: Are Wildcards in "" possible?


(Holger Mensch) #1


we have configured the java binaries path for the SonarScanner with wildcards:

This seems not to work (some rules work in SonarLint that do not work on SonarQube server). Could you please tell me if there is a possibility to include wildcards? (It seems to work for “sonar.sources”)


Info about versions:

  • SonarQube Scanner:
  • SonarQube: 6.7.2

(Nicolas Peru) #2

All the magic is happening in this class :
And more precisely in sonarjava.

Regarding wildcards those should be supported to some extent : but just to be clear are you talking about wildcards ( somepath/** ) or relative paths (foo/…/bar) ?

(Oliver Goroll) #3


I’d like to add some additional info: We have the following module/project structure
The {module} contains both src and bin folders. The property for the sources is configured as
All our sources are found and analyzed, so we assumed the property is configured correctly and used the same format for the binaries. However, the rules, that require binaries do not find anything, because the our own class files are not present during analysis.

When changing the sources property to sonar.sources=projects/**/plugins/**/src we’ve got a
java.nio.file.InvalidPathException: Illegal char <*> at index 9: projects/*/plugins/*/src. We assumed, the binaries property would cause the same exception.
Currently, we use the following settings:
This seems to work.

It appears that the directory paths for sonar.sources and are handled differently, for one property wildcards are supported, for the other they are not.
Can you update the documentation to clarify which values are accepted for each property and how the paths are interpreted?