On Premise Web page of Sonar Host is showing a Blank screen, only footer is shown

  • 7.9.1
  • No error only our on-premise installed Web UI is showing only the Footer, No login appears
  • No Workaround

The Web UI of our on-premise installed SonarQube on Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS is not working as expected. When entering the address we observe in the Network Analysis of Browser that on several API calls a 401 error code is returned.

Even the Login is not shown.

Nothing special found in Log Analysis. Below are some entries.
“GET /api/navigation/global HTTP/1.0” 401
“GET /api/users/current HTTP/1.0” 401

Where shall I start to investigate. The Instance uses LDAP authentication in addition to the local users.

We have a Developer Edition License still active.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Ali_Avci
There are several log files useful to investigate in such case.
By default logs are in LOGS subfolder of Sonar installation except if you redirect them (in sonar.properties tag sonar.path.logs) into another folder.

I have already investigated the log files. But nowhere is a significant indication with the exception described in initial description. Everything is starting as usual.

401 status code is generated via the sonarcube process. I will investigate for a debugging option in logging web requests.


Problem is resolved. It turned out that we had a bad Network rule in between.

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