On Azure DevOps Build Pipeline, Pull Request Analysis with SonarQube not working with Community Edition


I have ASP.NET application built on .NET 4.7.1. Application completely using Repos and we have configured Build Pipeline also.

We have 3 different types of branches - master, dev and then feature branches. From feature branches, we want to merge the code in to dev branch through Pull Request and at the same we wan to trigger the Build Pipeline. We have also configured SOnarQube Code analysis tasks in build pipeline of every branches.

When developer wants to merge the code from feature branch to Dev branch then build pipeline gets triggered but the SonarQube Code analysis task fails with below error.

When I run the pipeline not through Pull Request then it works fine with sonarQube analysis also.

While searching for the solution for this issue, I found that Pull Request analysis is supported for Developer Edition or above only. Our SonarQube extension is Community Edition (free version).

Please let us know if we have any solution for this issue or Developer Edition is the only solution.


Branch and pull request analysis is available in Developer Edition and above.


Hi Colin,

The link https://docs.sonarqube.org/latest/user-guide/fixing-the-water-leak/ is not available.
Please fix the issue and reply on same thread.


You’re a different user asking a different question than the original post, so I won’t. :slight_smile: Please open a new thread. Thanks.

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