Sonarqube code analysis issues inside Azure DevOps pull requests

I need to see SonarQube code analysis issues inside Azure DevOps pull requests. Is there any clear documentation available? I need step by step process. Help is greatly appreciated.

Hey there.

We really need some additional details.

What version of SonarQube are you using? Which edition? How are you launching analysis today (feel free to include screenshots, build scripts, etc.)

Hey! We are using SonarQube Data center edition - Version 8.9.6 (build 50800). Code is developed using Jetpack compose for Android applications and Swift for iOS applications. Pull requests are automated. For seeing issues, Developers and Reviewers need to visit sonar server everytime. We need to reduce the visits by showing issues inside Azure pull requests itself.

Taking screenshots is not allowed as per organisation policy. Hope someone understands what I’m asking for.

This is 2016’s blog. I need exact help with updated data.

There are tons of documents available. Here’s a reference for the same

Azure DevOps Integration | SonarQube Docs

It covers all major ALM providers including Azure DevOps as well. The documentation is clear.

Let us know if this is not enough.


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