Question about Pull Request Analysis

  • Sonarqube Version
    • Developer Edition Version 8.3.1 (build 34397)
  • Pipeline
    • Azure DevOps (Selfhosted)

Hello Sonar Community,

We decided to buy the developer edition and this one is already up and in productive use. Now we want use the beneftis and support pull request analysis. I already made a test with a dotnet core pull request pipeline which works at first nice without any special configuration except of one behavior. There was no master analysis, not even after the branch got merged.
Here is my question now: Is this normal, that pull request analysis got not master branch analysis included or this just missing because we didnt setup the properties like destination branch and source branch?

Hi @JustinDroege

I think this behavior is normal. Whenever you create/setup a new project, it’s main branch should be analyzed first. This will not work if you analyze a PR first, then think about analyzing master (or any default branch of the repo it can be).