Official support for terrascan?

Terraform support was added but there is another tool that generates reports from terraform code analysis:

It also supports structured output.

I could try to hook it up as a generic 3rd party analyzer but Im wondering if sonarcloud will just officially support it?

I’m not sure on which side this would need to happen, would the terrascan maintainers create a sonarqube definition or something? Sonarqube support? · Issue #1186 · accurics/terrascan · GitHub

Hey there.

RIght now there’s no official support for Terrascan. Support could manifest itself in three ways:

  1. Our analyzer formally supports Terrascan. My understanding is that’s not currently on our roadmap. I’m happy to move your thread to Suggest new features - SonarSource Community if you’d like.
  2. Importing issues as Generic Issues – I think you’ve made the right decision to raise an issue on the repo about a formatter that supports this format.
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