No Terraform in 9.5?

Good day,

Recently we have upgraded our SonarQube to version 9.5 (build 56709) and we were hoping to start scanning Terraform file, however we are missing both Terraform and Cloudfomation.
Probably worth to mention, that our SQ is running in a docker with the following image - sonarqube:9.5.0-community

I’ve created a git repository with a simple file and trigger a pipeline to push the code to the SonarQube to perform a scan, but I’ve received The main branch has no lines of code
Then, I’ve checked Administration → General Settings → Languages and noticed that we are missing exactly those 2 languages in the list - Terraform and Cloudformation

I’ve also tried to find something related in the community, but no luck :frowning:

Any help or assistance would be highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

Hey there.

I’ve just started a 9.5 Community Edition and can see Terraform and CloudFormation.

Do you have any additional configuration surrounding your Docker deployment? Persistent volumes, etc…

Hello Colin,

Yes, we’ve created some volumes for: /opt/sonarqube/[data, extensions, logs, lib/extensions, and lib/common]
Also, we’ve made some changes in the Dockerfile:
FROM alpine:3.14.3 instead of FROM alpine:3.14.6
and added the following line:
apk add --no-cache --upgrade ‘zlib>=1.2.12-r1’;

not sure whether it could make an impact…

While /data/, /extensions/, and /logs/ are valuable to keep as persistent volumes, keeping anything in the /lib/ folder persistent between images means you’re going to be stuck with whatever was there in the older versions.

The /lib/ folder is further not mentioned as a volume you should create in the installation guidelines.

You should remove any volumes related to the /lib/ folder and redeploy.

Thank you very much, Colin!

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