Scanning Terraform files with GitHub actions all on-prem


Looking to find the correct GitHub action to use for sonar scanning Terraform files.

We have SQ 9.9 on-premise and GitHub Enterprise Server 3.9.7 on-premise (with on-prem runners)

Following GitHub integration suggests to use sonarscanner cli, and links to Official SonarQube Scan · Actions · GitHub Marketplace · GitHub. It appears that action requires docker (error in my test run: docker: command not found)

So, trying to find what that action requires to run on-prem, or what other sonar scanning actions can run on-prem, any w/o docker or with podman, etc …?

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Hey there

Docker runners should be available in GHE 3.9.7

  • If you want to run workflows that use Docker container actions or service containers, you must use a Linux machine and Docker must be installed.

Are these linux runners or something else?

Yes, this is for a Linux runner. Is there this type of action to run on Linux?

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Or is there a podman supported action?