Code Coverage Report Formats/Path for Terraform in Sonarqube

Hi Team,

We are using Sonarqube Community Edition Version 9.6.1.

We have the below queries for Terraform.

1.Does Sonarqube supports the Code Coverage for Terraform.

  1. If Yes, What are the Report Formats does Sonarqube supports for terraform.

3.What is the Code Coverage Path for Terraform we can give?

Murali Sulam

Any update on the above query Please?

Murali Sulam

Could you please let us know the Update on the above Query?

Murali Sulam

Hey @msulam

  1. You published your post in the wrong category (Product Manager for a day, which is about feature requests)
  2. Bumping your own post actually makes it harder to find, because it looks like there’s an active conversation going on
  3. This is a community forum, not a support desk. Please contribute to the forum as much as you expect to get out of it.

I’d suggest referring to our FAQ

SonarQube does not support any specific coverage formats for Terraform. If such a format exists, it can be converted to generic coverage data.

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