Objective c and swift project not support sonar

Hi I integrate sonar in my iOS objective-C project as well as swift project in both project.

my xcode build version is

Xcode 10.2

xctool -version is 0.3.7

I have following error
For objective c: -
CompileC /Users/apple1/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/Coral-dbmgipmhyrrsgzfyjxdzgkwqtetg/Build/Intermediates.noindex/Coral.build/Debug-iphonesimulator/Coral.build/Objects-normal/x86_64/AppSharedData.o /Users/Data/NetVelocity/SonarSmartFenAppStore/Coral/Coral/Classes/AppSharedData/AppSharedData.m normal x86_64 objective-c com.apple.compilers.llvm.clang.1_0.compile

ERROR - Command ‘xctool -workspace Coral.xcworkspace -sdk iphonesimulator ARCHS=i386 VALID_ARCHS=i386 CURRENT_ARCH=i386 ONLY_ACTIVE_ARCH=NO -scheme Coral’ failed with error code: 134b

For Swift : -
CompileSwift normal x86_64 /Users/Data/Coral/CoralSwift/CoralConsumer/CoralConsumer/AppSharedData/AppSharedData.swift
CompileSwift normal x86_64 /Users/Data/Coral/CoralSwift/CoralConsumer/CoralConsumer/ApplicationUtils/CommonUtils.swift
CompileSwift normal x86_64 /Users/Data/Coral/CoralSwift/CoralConsumer/CoralConsumer/DriveHistoryViewController/DrivehistoryTblCellTableViewCell.swift
CompileSwiftSources normal x86_64 com.apple.xcode.tools.swift.compiler

Could any one please provide any solution on this?

If you are using community edition then you have to buy developer edition.

Should I have to purchase for both swift and objective c?

No you have to buy developer edition which includes both objective C and Swift.
Go through this link: https://www.sonarsource.com/plans-and-pricing/


I have following query
Query 1. I am using https://github.com/octo-technology/sonar-objective-c for my demo project. is it community edition?
Query 2.
Is my error only come because I am using community edition? if I am purchase developer edition then it’ sure my error will be gone.

Query 3: Below url show it free and open source.
Only for testing purpose is any free library available so, can test it

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