Not seeing any MR decoration on gitlab project

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    problem : No MR décoration are send to the analysed MR. I think it may be like this because the project is in a subgroup. (I’m an owner of the subgroup but not of the 2 parent groups). Is ther something I am missing ? Or is it really the problem in which case when will the subgroups token be supported ?

Hey there.

For MR Decoration to work, your project needs to be bound (created from the project creation wizard in the UI).

Well I did it manually because I couldn’t see my project in the UI, Is it because the subgroups are not supported ?

When an organization is bound to SonarCloud, repositories from the subgroups should be available in the project creation wizard as well.

So that I understand correctly – which organization is bound in SonarCloud? The parent group or a subgroup?

I only habe the requirements to create a sub group token, because I am an owner of that subgroup and have close to no rights in the parent group. Right now the project is available in an organization made from my personnal token, which I added people to.

And I’d like to use a subgroup token to create the organization but when I entrr ther subgroup key I get the “gitlab subgroups are not supported yet” error

It sounds like the best case scenario would be to have an administrator of the top-level Gitlab group provision a PAT to use for SonarCloud, and then you would be able to provision bound projects in the subgroup.

Yeah that’s what we did, we contacted the admins of the main group and they created the organisation, we finally have the MR decorations. Though it works, it would still be great to have some kinds of support for subgroups tokens.

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