MR decoration is not working

Hey everyone,

  • I am using sonarqube developer edition 9.6.1 . I integrated sonarqube with Gitlab and can see my soarqube report on gitlab as you can see in screen shot but the problem is MR decoration is not working with gitlab. Especially commenting directly on Gitlab MR from sonarqube.
    I am attaching 2 screen shots in which one is showing Sonarqube report on gitlab and there is a circle on change option when I click for change or comment and I am not able to change or comment directly on gitlab.

Can anyone tell me that its normal and I have to go on sonarqube for comment or change or is there any possible way that we can change on Gitlab as well.

I saw the changing in Bitbucket (Decorate Bitbucket Cloud Pull Request with SonarQube Server Comments | by Farooq Khan | Medium) and I have no idea about Gitlab.
Its do-able on Gitlab or not ?

Thank you

Hey there.

For GitLab, only a summary comment is available (not in line issue-annotations).