Not able to see PR requests and branches in SonarQube

We are using SonarQube Data center edition 8.9, Bitbucket 7.6.0 and Sonar-scanner-4.6.2.

  1. Branch Analysis:

If we are creating any new branches (Ex: feature) in Bitbucket and running the builds in Jenkins by selecting the specific branches to build as newly created branch(Ex: feature) , newly created branch from bitbucket is not reflecting in SonarQube dashboard and by default master branch is getting build.

**Note:**But if we are passing the parameter in sonar-project.Properties file in bitbucket repository, we are able to see the newly created branch (Ex:feature) in SonarQube dashboard.

Is it possible to detect the newly created branches automatically in SonarQube from Bitbucket. If yes, what are the configurations to be required?

  1. Pull request Analysis:

If we are creating any pull requests from Bitbucket(Ex: Created pull request for feature to master branch), then running the build in Jenkins by selecting the Branches to Build as “feature” in Jenkins. Pull Request is not reflecting in the SonarQube dashboard.


We have Integrated the Bitbucket servers and SonarQube at Global and Project level Configurations as per the below SonarQube official documentation links.

Does SonarQube detects the branches and Pull Requests from Bitbucket automatically or do we need to pass any parameters?


Hi All,

Any updates on the above issues…


Hi @NareshEG

if you are running Data Center Edition, you have access to our support team via the Service Desk web portal. You should reach out directly to the team there, as we answer much faster via this channel than on the Community forum (where there is no SLA).

Feel free to reach out to your Sales rep if you don’t find the way to connect to the Service Desk

Hi @Carine_Bayon

Thanks for your response. It would be Great if we get the resolution for the above mentioned issues in Sonar Community itself.

Murali Sulam