No show some critical issues and the critical issues in the filter is diferent in the overview

Critical issues are not correctly displayed and also the issues in the overview view do not coincide with the issues that appear in the filter.
In the sonar database are the 126 critical issues but not found anywhere the 1.5k that is indicated.
How is the 1.5k data obtained ? Is it possible that it is cached somewhere?

  • SonarQube 7.1.9

Error in the calculation of critical incidents that are not in the database.

Hi Sonatina,

Unfortunately we don’t support version 7.1 anymore, it might be a bug that has been already fixed in our latest versions. Please update your Sonarqube server to LTS version 7.9 or latest version 8.4.

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Hello, excuse me but it is a mistake, the sonar version is 7.9.1. We have already fixed it, the ElasticSearch index was corrupted.
Thank you