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(James Olsen) #1

I have a Java/Maven/Bitbucket/SonarCloud setup. This includes Git Submodules inside the main checkout. Until a few days ago I was getting full details in SonarCloud for all the Maven modules in both the main Git checkout and the Submodules but the Submodules are now missing.

The Maven modules in the Git Submodules are found during the indexing phase…

[INFO] --- sonar-maven-plugin: (default-cli) @ xxx-parent ---
[INFO] Bitbucket Cloud Pipelines detected
[INFO] SonarQube version: 7.8.0
[INFO] Indexing files of module 'inaseq-model'
[INFO]   Base dir: /opt/atlassian/pipelines/agent/build/inaseq/inaseq-common/inaseq-model
[INFO]   Source paths: pom.xml, src/main/java

But the JavaSquidSensor is not activating:

[INFO] ------------- Run sensors on module inaseq-model
[INFO] Sensor JavaXmlSensor [java]
[INFO] Sensor JavaXmlSensor [java] (done) | time=0ms
[INFO] Sensor JaCoCo XML Report Importer [jacoco]
[INFO] Sensor JaCoCo XML Report Importer [jacoco] (done) | time=0ms

I’ve not changed my configuration.

(James Olsen) #2

Versions when it did work:

[INFO] --- sonar-maven-plugin: (default-cli) @ coinzoom-parent ---
[INFO] Bitbucket Cloud Pipelines detected
[INFO] SonarQube version: 7.7.0

So this looks like a loss of functionality caused by the upgrade to SonarQube version: 7.8.0

(Tibor Blenessy) #3

hello @jim_b_o,

in your question you are mixing git submodules and maven modules, which are conceptually two very different things. Can you clarify, which one are you talking about? Can you post (privately if needed) complete debug logs of sonar:sonar goal?

(James Olsen) #4


Thanks for your response.

The root of my source is a Git checkout that includes two Git Submodules. Both the Git root and the Git Submodules include multiple Maven modules. Sonar is no longer showing any information for the Maven modules inside the Git Submodules

I do have a log file I can send. How do I send privately?