No project badges for short lived branches


(Michael Düsterhus) #1

We use latest Sonar version 7.2 and it looks like that it is not possible to get build badges for short lived branches.

(G Ann Campbell) #2


You’re right. This is by design. Or, let’s say it was left out because it never occurred to us to include it; the purpose of badges is to communicate project health to the larger project team, so it doesn’t seem relevant for short-lived branches or PRs.


(Michael Düsterhus) #3


As the quality gate is important to approve pull requests it would be great to have the badges working for them too. Also there is no possibility in Sonarqube to have an overview over all project quality gates different from the master branch.
So it would be great to enable this and let the developers decide if they want to use them.

Kind regards,

(G Ann Campbell) #4


That’s why we decorate pull requests in the provider. Presumably, you’re approving there, so the inline decoration should give you what you need.


(Michael Düsterhus) #5

What do you mean by provider?

(G Ann Campbell) #6

I mean in Github, TFS/VSTS

(Michael Düsterhus) #7

We use Bitbucket Server, so how to add functionality to decorate the pull request there if no badges are available?

(Bruno Lavit) #8

Hi @ganncamp,
We also use Bitbucket server and we are evaluating the developer edition with Sonar 6.7.4 LTS.
It would be very interesting for us to be able to decorate our PR (like with Github or TFS/VSTS).
Developers are really interested to have the Sonar metrics at the PR level.
Bruno, release manager for ForgeRock

(G Ann Campbell) #9


We’re likely to get to Bitbucket next year. (No promises or timelines tho!)