SonarCloud Code Quality Badge Not Visible on New BitBucket PR View

Atlassian is now rolling out a new view for pull requests in BitBucket, and the SonarCloud quality badge no longer appears like it used to. That was a huge selling point for me - having the quality badge front, center, and easily readable and accessible. Can you please update the plugin so that the badge appears on the new BitBucket pull request UI? Thanks!

Hi @ml550,

Are you talking about the new pull request experience in Bitbucket that is in beta?


Yes, that’s the one! Wasn’t sure who is responsible for making the SonarCloud badge appear, Atlassian or SonarSource.


I’ve asked Atlassian and we’ll let you know what we plan on this!


Great, thank you!

Looks like SonarCloud is now showing up directly on the new Bitbucket PR view (again)!