Badges: how they work and what to expect

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Hi I am starting to use SonarCloud badges.
They seem like a great way to share with all the people who have access to my repository the health of the project.

However, how they work is not clear, so I try to shed some light here and ask for confirmation. Here I list what I understand:

  1. This is the only documentation available: Project Information | SonarCloud Docs
  2. The information on which the badge is based is taken only from the main branch and about Overall Code branch (although it has the term new_code in its endpoint). So no chance to get information on long-lived branches or New Code.
  3. It is not intended that they can be based on short-lived branch, by design, as was reported here: No project badges for short lived branches - #2 by ganncamp.

Am I misunderstanding or can someone kindly confirm this?


Yes, these things are correct.

I think I can guess, but would you mind providing a little detail on why you want #2 and #3?


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