No more coverage with latest update of Github Actions


I’m using Sonar Cloud on Github action to analyse Cpp/Qt code. Since last update of Github action virtual environment (update done on the 14.01.2021 which upgrade the virtual environment from V 20201210.0 to 20210111.1), I noticed that code coverage is not updated anymore. It continously report 0% code coverage. I’m using following tools:

  • GCC/G++ 7.5.0
  • GCOV 7.5.0
  • SonarScanner (also tested which give me same 0% coverage)

When checking the different steps, gcov is correctly printing code coverage. SonarScanner seems also to analyse correctly my gcov files.

Has anyone out here notice the same issue on their Github actions since la tuesday ?

Thank you very much

Best regards,


Hi @zimml,

Welcome and thanks for posting to the community!
In order to help you, would you be able to share with us:

  • A recent (at most 3 days old) analysis ID
  • The GitHub action definition
  • Scanner logs