Issue with sonar code coverage (setup using github actions for golang)

Im using github action for sonarqube. My project is golang. after build on the sonarqube dashboard code coverage is showing 0.0%. Can you please tell me how to fix the issue.

    - uses: actions/checkout@master
    - name: SonarQube Scan
      uses: kitabisa/sonarqube-action@master
        host: http://IPaddress
        login: ${{ secrets.token }}
        projectBaseDir: ./
        projectKey: myprokey
        projectName: mypro
        sonar.sources: .
       # sonar.exclusions: "**/*_test.go"
        sonar.tests: /xxxx/xxxxx/pubsubgossip_test/gossip_test.go

how can i pass argument for the test files which exists in my repo.
please reply asap

Hello @sreekanth9989,

This guide is probably what you are looking for.