No automatic upgrade from 7.1 despite having migrated my database to PG 11.2


I want to upgrade to the latest version of SonarQube (7.7). The automatic update is not working.

Version used :

  • SonarQube 7.1

I was using postgresql 9.1 which was deprecated so I migrated the database to 11.2.
I’ve try to delete unsupported plugin : VSTS
Still no automatic upgrade. Nothing in the logs in DEBUG.
What’s wrong with auto-update in my installation ?
Does a server restart is sufficient to trigger an update?

Hi @yunaqap and welcome to this community forum !

What do you mean by “auto-update” ? Could you please elaborate more on the actions you’re doing ?

Julien Lancelot

I mean the automatic update for the non-lts versions on the community edition. It was working fine for many weeks from sonar 5.6.1 (july 2016) until 7.1 (april 2018) (maybe because we used PG 9.1 as a db).

Upgrading across multiple, non-LTS versions is handled automatically


I wrote that phrase, so I’ll jump in here.

To be clear, SonarQube will not upgrade itself automatically. That’s an entirely manual operation. What does work “automatically” is upgrade across multiple versions between LTSs. So, you can upgrade (manually) from 6.7 directly to 7.7 without needing to first upgrade to each intermediate version. But you cannot upgrade from 5.6 (the previous LTS) directly to 7.7.

Sorry for the confusion. If you want to upgrade your SonarQube version, you’ll need to follow the upgrade procedure.


Poor choice of words! This sentence of yours is still haunting many. I am one of them.