No analysis of the main branch

I am setting up sonar cloud and I am having trouble with the analysis of the main branch.
I have set up integration with Github actions which triggers checks on the individual PR’s, these show up in sonar cloud correctly.
However I don’t have anything for the main branch, I assumed this would be initiated after a PR was merged but this hasn’t happened.
Can anyone tell me how to run a check on the main branch?


Hello @ArthurGuy and welcome to our Community!

Can you tell me how is your GitHub Action configured?

Can you check about the main branch configuration on both SonarCloud and GitHub? Sometimes there is a mismatch between them, usually regarding the main/master thing.

The GitHub action is configured in line with the instructions in the app, under GitHub action analysis method.
The automatic analysis is then turned off as they don’t seem to play nice together.

Our main branch is called master and this seems to be reflected correctly as it shows the last test run as a few days ago when I was first setting it up.

I integrated the sonar cloud checks with our existing action so missed the step that ran the action on any updates to the master branch!

      - master
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