Branch issues on SonarCloud

HI team

  • We have configured / added some repo’s on our GitHub for Sonarcloud analysis.
  • Before we had development branches. Now we no longer have development branches. we have only main or master branches but still sonarcloud full ananlysis report show development branch instead of master or main branch.
  • Could share any steps on how to ensure main or master branch analysis results are shown correctly?
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Hey there.

How are you analyzing your code? Automatic Analysis? GitHub Actions?

The project repo’s are auto scanned for every PR/merge since the repo is added/imported from Github

Hi Colin, Any advise asap much appreciated…

Hi Colin, Any recommendations? our repo’s are still incorrectly pointing to deleted branches on sonarcloud…

Hey there.

Sometimes, we take holidays. :slight_smile:

If Automatic Analysis is used to analyze your code, you will be limited to the main branch of your project as it is configured in GitHub.

You will have to manually rename the branch in SonarCloud under your project’s Administration > Branches