[Newbe] creating plug for c++

Hello i am a newbe for sonarqube

but i want to make a plugins for sonarqube for c++ software

all metrics are generarted by logiscope (file .dat, .csv and .xml)
and i want to made an adapter or wrapper for sonar-cxx 1.3.3

some can help me or find somewhere sample …

i can run sonarqub server and sonar scanner



Welcome to the community!

The cxx plugin isn’t supported in this community. You should direct your questions to its maintianers.


ok but i don’t understand if i use logiscope for compute metrics of my c++ source code
if i must to use sonar-cxx 1.3.3 after ?
or using my own plugins to get metrics and send them to sonarqube


We support C++ analysis - including metrics - starting in Developer Edition($). Unfortunately, we don’t support custom rules for C++, and I don’t think you’re going to be able to add metrics either.