[NEW RELEASE] SonarQube i-Code CNES plugin 1.1.0

Hello every one, we would like to submit you a new version of sonaricode we have developed for SonarQube. Here come required information:

Thanks a lot for have a look on this plugin, the final release of 1.1.0 will be done on 19th September.


The final 1.1.0 version is ready and released. I have updated the first post’s information.

Please consider having a look on the plugin to update its version on Marketplace.

Have a nice day,

Hi Benoît,

Your project doesn’t seem to exist anymore on SonarCloud…?


Hi Ann,

There was a problem with the link due to the previous change of artifactId in version 1.0.0.

I have edited the first post.

Sorry :sweat:

min char len…