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While I see an analysis (and passing Quality Gate) for v2.3.1, I don’t see one for v2.4.0.

You are right. This is because I renamed the default branch from master to main.
I do not find the configuration to change this setting in SonarCloud. Can you help me?

You’ll want to delete the short-lived branch main that was created, and rename your existing main branch from master to main

Future analyses should then head to the right branch.

Thank you so much!

The result is now available as expected.


I checked the project and realized that only 3 lines were reported new (changes to pom.xml files) which also makes me realize that you are only analyzing the Java plugin component (sonar-scm-tfvc-plugin) rather than where the bulk of the actual logic is, SonarTFSAnnotate.

I’m not making analyzing this a requirement for this entry to the marketplace (since it wasn’t a requirement before), but I would really encourage that you analyze this part of the plugin with the SonarScanner for .NET, and configure two SonarCloud projects as a monorepo so that you get reporting on both technologies.

This is also what the sonar-dotnet plugin does, which has a similar pattern (java plugin with .NET project doing most of the heavy lifting).

In any case, I’ve merged this release!