New project just stuck showing: This will be available once your project is configured and analyzed

Repository: Github
Stack: Node, NextJS

We use Github as our code repository and have an organization configured in sonarcloud. We have about 14 projects already imported and most of these are correctly imported and scanned. We use Github integration for running pr scans and this works nicely also.

We have one our main projects which had been out of date. This was deleted, and then we tried to import this back into Sonarcloud. We get as far as the project dashboard showing, but then for the past few days it’s just been stuck showing message “This will be available once your project is configured and analyzed.”. Everything else is disabled and we cannot configure or check anything else in this project.

We are on a paid plan, the billings shows we are using less than a quarter of our allocated number of lines.

Thank you for your help with this issue.

Hey there.

Can you share a screenshot of what you see?

This is what is showing on the dashboard.

Thanks. If you head into Administration > Analysis Method, what do you see?