Unable to add SonarCloud project via Github (but could before)

I am unable to add a new project for analysis by SonarCloud via Github. The path:

Github login–>Settings–>Installed GitHub Apps–>Configure(SonarCloud)–>“Only Selected Repositories” is selected–>A repository is selected by me–>Save–>Redirect to SonarCloud–>Projects page. It appears the project is never analyzed and is not displayed.

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Have you imported the selected project to SonarCloud? (Do you see it on SonarCloud?)

How do you execute the analysis? (Do you use a CI system such as GitHub Actions, or Travis CI, or other, or do you use our Autoscan feature to trigger it?)

Please clarify!

Hi Janos. I figured it out by clicking the “plus” sign and selecting “Analyze New Project”. I found the project there when the new screen displayed. Not sure if something changed recently, or I was just spacing out. Either way, I got my project analyzed at this point. Thanks for your help!

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