Need to integrate SonarCloud to AzureDevops but facing issues in PAT cannot create org in sonar

Need help on creating Org in sonar from Azure Devops

Hey there.

What happens when you try? What specific error message do your receive? Can you share screenshots from the UI?

Hi Colin,
I have created a PAT with code read and write permissions and passing the PAT in sonar while importing the org from azure devops, but still it shows doesnt have required permissions.

this is the screenshot of PAT created in Azure DevOps.

I’ve reached out for some private information.

Due to some security reasons I cannot share you the PAT info Colin.
Let me know if you need anything else.

If you can’t tell me the name of the organization you’re trying to import even via a private message… I’m not sure how we can help :person_shrugging: