Need help: The last analysis has failed

Scan id is 54506924-3b65-4324-b17d-3e4ffa5bf73c

Hi @mshah-aiondigital and welcome to the community.

There have been a parsing error on one of your file, we will look at it and get back to you.

Sorry for the late answer !


Hello @mshah-aiondigital, @mickaelcaro,

the parsing error is known issue, we are going to fix it by replacing the Java based parser. However, this is not stopping the analysis, I believe that autoscan is failing on out of memory. @mickaelcaro can you share memory configuration of this scan?

@mshah-aiondigital meanwhile, I think you should not analyze JS libraries like jquery-3.3.1.slim.js or pdf.worker.js, you should only analyze code of your project. You should configure sonar.exclusions=Corporate.Online/Areas/Common/COB/assets/**/*,Corporate.Online/assets/**/*. Add all directories containing JS libraries your project is using.

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