Need export facility for Sonar Rules in


(Dharmender Kushwaha) #1

Hello Everyone,

I was trying to export all or filtered rules from for some language but this option is not coming in website. There are many rules ( more than 200 or 300 or even more) for which we need to do copy paste in excel.

It will be better if we can have facility to export rules from


(Benoit) #2


May I ask why you need to export the rules to an excel sheet?

You can use the SonarQube API to “export” all the rules you need (/api/rules/search).

(Adam Gabryś) #3

(Dharmender Kushwaha) #4

Thanks Adam and Benoit for quick reply.
I was comparing the rules from sonar website and Sonar tool, and trying the find the duplicate rules and extra rules provided by the Tool as compare to website rules.
Tool rules I was able to export but website rules was a tedious job with copy paste each rules from website, therefore I thought to have export capability for rules.

Just an example.
There are 232 rules for C language in website and 4800 rules in Tool for C language only.
Also these 232 rules are for reference only and I need to search matching rules in Tool out of 4800 rules.

(G Ann Campbell) #5


It sounds like you have 3rd-party analyzers loaded in your SonarQube instance, and they’re offering extra rules. If you filter your rules page by the ‘SonarAnalyzer’ repositories, you should see numbers that match (within ~6) the numbers you see on the rules site, assuming you’re using the latest versions of the analyzers.