Multiple projects in a single bitbucket repo

Using self hosted SonarQube 9.3 Developer Edition

Our team is split into several sub-teams each working on our product each tasked with a specific area, e.g. UI, Backend, external APIs etc etc.
These teams like to be able to track how their section is performing with regard to SonarQube and so each has a project that they can get reports from. However to get Pull Request annotations working we also have to have a ‘main’ project for the bitbucket repo which means that in effect every line of code is getting double counted.

Is there a way to set up sub projects of that main project or some other simple way so that each team can see their stats independent of others?

Hey there.

You are probably looking for monorepo support, which is available starting in the Enterprise Edition of SonarQube.

And, it should be noted, we typically imagine this support is used for projects split for technical reasons, not because of subteams interested in specific statistics.