Any way to combine project reports?


I’m maintaining a big monorepo at work that builds with Bazel and has 13 sub-projects. Each of those 13 sub-projects have their own SonarQube project, so that we can get specific results and comments from SonarQube regarding only that sub-project’s results.

The monorepo is hosted in BitBucket. From what I know, the version stack for SonarQube Community Edition and BitBucket, looks like this:

  • SonarQube LTS 9.9.3 build 79811
  • BitBucket 8.9.4
    This is important so that we know what capacity the tools have, or what capacity they are missing for me to achieve my goal.

Our QA engineer has approached me and asked that I integrate SonarQube into our monorepo on BitBucket in a way that makes BitBucket display a combined report of all those 13 scans, per each branch, per each commit.

I’m not exactly sure if I can achieve this the easy way but I’ll ask - is there an easy way to do this?

Because the only way I’m imagining that I can do this is that I re-do all the scans under another SonarQube project dedicated to storing collective results. However I feel this is going to be a very taxing implementation considering that this is Bazel.

Hey there.

This is a feature offered in Developer Edition (Applications) and Enterprise Edition (Portfolios).

In Community Edition, your options are pretty limited to having a single project, or using the Web API to export the reports and aggregate in another tool.

You can find out more details about our commercial editions here